What a year it’s been! I love to reflect, so when the year starts to wind down and a fresh one is about to begin, I find it helpful to practice gratitude. This year I could not be more grateful for all the people who took a chance on me with my photography business. It has been a difficult season in my career life, but this is the one portion that continues to grow and make bounds. Every engagement, product shoot, and wedding I was reached out to do helped sustain me and gave me life.

In particular I would love to shout out my friends Hailey + Brett (who’s wedding is featured on my gallery tab), and Brooke + Chris (who’s wedding is featured below!!). Without your friendship and confidence I would not be where I am today - booking weddings for 2019, investing in myself and my business, and continuing to persevere creatively and as a businesswoman. 

So cheers!! To more goal-setting, more human connection, and more beautiful moments savored in 2019! Here are some of my favorites from the Thurton wedding earlier this December!