Fadia + Evan | An intimate Seattle wedding at Ray's Boathouse

Fadia and Evan’s intimate Seattle wedding was packed with emotion and celebration. One really cool thing about this day? It was actually their SECOND wedding! That’s right, Fadia is from Bolivia, so they had a big ceremony down there a few months ago, and now they get to celebrate their love with their Seattle friends.

For us (me and my amazing photographer colleague Ksenia), that meant we were skipping over first looks (Evan already saw her amazing Blue Sky Bridal gown in Bolivia) and wedding parties, and getting straight to the good stuff - the ceremony and reception! Ray’s Boathouse made for the perfect setting to watch these guys quite literally tie the knot, and to spend the evening with loved ones.

My favorite detail of the day is actually twofold, but it has to do with Fadia’s veil and her mother. When I popped back into the dressing area for a quick stop, I caught Fadia’s mom fixing her veil at just the right moment. Turns out, Fadia’s mom actually MADE that veil herself!! All the little beadings and everything. It was so delicate and came all the way from Bolivia with her. Throughout the day I could tell there was power between Fadia and her mother. After all, she was the only guest that got to be at BOTH weddings. They walked down the aisle together, and shared so many looks of endearment and emotion throughout the evening. I hope the photos of the veil and of them together will always remind them of their bond across the nations.

Cheers to Fadia + Evan! Your kindness and love for each other are so evident.

Emma Studley