Alice + Evan | Discovery Park Engagement | Seattle, WA

A few weeks ago I got to pal around with Alice and Evan for their engagement shoot at Discovery Park. I knew from the moment Alice mentioned his motorcycle that it was going to be SO DOPE.

The whole day of, the weather was atrocious and unpredictable (what’s new, Seattle?), changing from rain to sun every hour. We were originally supposed to do the shoot in the morning, but decided to take our chances and push back to the evening. I was shocked when on my drive to the shoot the sun came out and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky anymore. The ground wasn’t even muddy when we were walking around?? Thank you photography gods??

We hiked around (Discovery Park is HUGE, y’all), and finally found some nice spots to work with near the water. Shooting at Discovery Park is always so fun because there’s such a variety of backdrops to work with. There’s the cliffs, the lighthouse, grassy fields, trails, trees, and even a little white church, making every session there different from the next.

After a little while, we decided to take the motorcycle over to a parking lot within the park that had a nice backdrop, and from there we finished out the shoot in the most badass style possible. Can we bring motorcycles or old cars to every engagement shoot, please?! They make for such a fun, intimate, and unique to the couple experience. I’m about it, guys.

Not to mention, Alice and Evan are the best. They’re so clearly in love with each other, super easy going, and I cannot freaking wait for their wedding in Chelan this summer!! So glad they chose me to be a part of the adventure.

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