Southeast Asia

As I continue pursuing my photography career, it is of equal importance to me to also have a space to think, process, and produce photography that more fully encompasses the places I go and people I meet.

Hence, the journal space.

Here I plan to possibly write a little bit more, and provide more detailed documentation of whatever my heart desires. With that being said, my most recent adventure was a backpacking trip to Southeast Asia! It was quite the trip. Full of captivating moments, new friendships from across the world, and of course a little bit of trouble. Things don't always go as planned on these kinds of trips. For us, that meant missing our plans of seeing Vietnam due to not getting our visas in time, oh, and also my friend Mary Grace got in a motorbike accident that was pretty horrible. We ended up cutting our trip short for a few reasons, but what I hope to convey here is that I still came home with innumerably more experiences that I couldn't get anywhere else. I am thankful for travel and the ways this trip brought about LIFE. Big moments like sunrises over temples. Big moments like holding my dear friend as she got her wounds painfully cleaned out. Small moments like playing mini golf with the local tuk-tuk drivers in Cambodia. Small moments like eating Oreos with rice milk in a Thai hospital bed. I am thankful for it all, for it is abundant life. Here are a few snippets from our trip.

Emma Studley