What’s up?! My name is Emma and I’m so excited that you made it to my corner of the internet. I am a wedding and elopement photographer based in Seattle, but you can find me behind a camera everywhere I go.

Who am I as your wedding photographer?

I get it. This day is jam packed with emotion, mingling families, details to get sorted, and financial decisions. And choosing a photographer to capture everything you’ve put into this? Pretty important investment.

As a wedding photographer, I promise to be the resource you can keep coming back to in your planning process. Questions, changes, advice, or venting about a certain family member? Shoot me an email. I’ll make you feel seen and understood. I promise to keep the mood light and easy throughout the day of; making sure grandma is accommodated in the heat, and your wedding party knows just how hot they are. I promise to spot the hair ties on wrists that need to come off, and to ultimately document the things that are important to you, the couple. My end goal is to reflect back to you who you really are in your photos. So whether that’s getting the perfect shot of you two in front of the most magical church ever, or running around a beach or a mountain somewhere, let’s make it you.


But like, who are you really?

Okay, let’s get to the fun stuff.

-I am a Seattle-residing gal. So yes, that means I enjoy the outdoors (adventure elopement anyone?!), craft beer, and long talks about feminism

-I’m a biiiiig reader. Give me all the Brené Brown or latest hip novel to divulge. I even have a “reads” highlight on my Instagram stories for recs.

-Enneagram 4.

-My next life goal (for real) is to become a dog mom. No interest in babies. But the puppy fever is hot, friends.

-I looooove to travel.

-As much as I love travel and adventure, I love the feeling when you get to come home. I'm equal parts adventurer and homebody.

-Everythingggg is about balance.

Those are just a few things that make me, me. I hope along the way I get to know some of those things about you! Hit the “contact” button below to become real-life friends.